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Great River Electronics Mic Preamps

MP-2NV (2 Channels with direct outs) - List $2,960.00   x $2,285.00 =  
ME-1NV  (Single channel version of the MP-2NV) - List $1,495   x $1,160.00 =  
EQ-2NV (Dual channel digitally controlled analog driven EQ)
List $3,770
  x $2,910.00 =  
 EQ-1NV (Single channel digitally controlled analog driven EQ)
List $2,080
  x $1,610.00 =  
Single Rack Kit for ME-1NV or EQ-1NV
List $85.00
  x $75.00 =  
Dual Rack Kit for 2x ME-1NV or 2x EQ-1NV units
List $117.00
  x $100.00    

FMR Audio

RNC Stereo Compressor/Limiter    x $199.00 =  
RNC500 Stereo Compressor   x $299.00 =  
RNP 2 Channel Mic Preamp   x $499.00 =  
RNLA Limiting Amplifier   x $249.00 =  
RNLA500 Limiting Amplifier   x $299.00 =  
PBC6A Compressor   x $499.00 =  


Washington State Residents add 10% State Sales Tax Tax  
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Prices include U.S. shipping and handling.  Inquire via email regarding shipping of foreign orders.


Make check or money order payable to RICK RUSKIN and mail with order form to:
Rick Ruskin
c/o Lion Dog Music
1414 21st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Telephone Inquires call (206) 322-1601