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Compact Discs

Whatever to Blind Matzoh Leftkowitz/Rick Ruskin   x $17.50 =  
 How To Be Smarter Than Your Guitar/Rick Ruskin   x $15.00 =  
 Perfect Pitch/ Rick Ruskin   x $17.50 =  
The Gospel According to Rick Ruskin and Vivian Williams     x $17.50 =  
Once Upon A Time x $17.50 =
Words Fail Me    x $17.50 =  
Rick Ruskin LP 3 Pak (Microphone Fever, Six String Conspiracy, Against Tradition - All Vinyl)   x $35.00 =  
Once Upon A Time/Words Fail Me 
2 PAK  - Save 10%
x $31.50 =
Once Upon A Time/Words Fail Me/Whatever Happend to Blind Matzoh Leftkowitz 
3 PAK - Save $7.50
x $45.00 =

Transcription Books

Words Fail Me (Complete Transcriptions) x N/A =
The Takoma Sessions  (Book/CD Combo)   x $20.00 =
Words Fail Me CD/Book Combo Pak
Save 10%
x N/A =

Instruction Video

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar (VHS)   x $17.50 =  
 Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar  (DVD)     x $32.00 =  
Fingerstyle Groove Guitar (DVD)   x $32.00 =  


Six String Conspiracy  (LP)   x $19.00 =  
Microphone Fever  (LP)   x $19.00 =  
Against Tradition   x $19.00 =  
Rick Ruskin LP 3 Pak - Six String Conspiracy, Microphone Fever & Against Tradition   x $35.00 =  
Sounds Familiar  (Cassette)   x $12.00 =  


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Make your check or money order payable to RICK RUSKIN and mail with order form to:
Rick Ruskin
c/o Lion Dog Music
1414 21st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Telephone Inquires call (206) 322-1601